Frigorifico San Pedro

Founded in November 2009 by Brazilian partners working in the field of meat for over 10 years, San Pedro  was developed to be a reference in the meat sector, expanding gradually being recognized in the international market for processing products quality, respecting their employees, human capital, customers and consumers, always offering the best service and commitment. For San Pedro, a quality product must have the necessary support to make a difference.


The name "San Pedro" is a tribute to a region of Paraguay, where there is a greater concentration of breeders, has also another meaning of religious origin and positive: "San" - which means holy (protection) and "Pedro" means Rock - Stone (solid).


Provide the market the best products with superior quality, working with social responsibility and the security of a better future for all our employees and customers.


Making solid brand offering a quality product, special attention, care for the environment and ensuring our employees and customers to continue improving together.


We are committed to quality, safety, social responsibility, respect for the environment, planning, simple, determination and commitment to customers.


Producing industrialized cuts of beefs and tanned leather.

General José de San Martín |Asunción - Paraguay
Phone: (595-21) 608 957 / 9